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A Second Later

Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign


Welcome to A Second Later

webpage, my name is Molly

Welch, I am a motivational

speaker and Distracted Driving

Awareness  Advocate. The

nonprofit A Second Later was

created in order to spread the message of the dangers of distracted driving. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and for your interest in raising awareness about Distracted Driving.

Did you know: Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for about 5 seconds.

At 55 mph, that's like driving the length of an entire football field.


As a motivational speaker, I am available to speak to your group, organization, or class.  I have spoken at many events, at driving schools, and for other nonprofit organizations. 


I am so excited to start a new initiative: "Keep Your Eyes on the Road" campaign here in my home state of Georgia. The goal of the campaign is to remind drivers to focus on driving and only driving - when they are behind the wheel.  I would like to accomplish this through speaking engagements and visual reminders for drivers via car magnets.  You can read more about this initiative by reading our press release. 

You can support A Second Later by inviting me to speak at your next meeting, purchasing a bumper sticker or car magnet or donating or our GoFundMe Page.

Distracted Driving Statistics
About Molly

How can you support this initiative?

1.  Guest Speaker:  Invite me the next time you need a speaker at your company, school or organization.  I will tell my own story about Distracted Driving, talk about overcoming adversity and stress the importance of putting all your attention to driving when you are driving.

2.  Order "Keep Your Eyes on the Road" car magnet or bumper sticker:  Order these magnets or bumper stickers for your company's fleet of vehicles, buses, or your own personal car.  I am now taking pre-orders.  Pick your favorite eye color, then place your order!  As soon as I have enough orders, I will begin sending out the magnets.  I'd love to see the magnets on the back of every car, truck and bus in Georgia to raise awareness about the dangers of Distracted Driving.

3.  Donate to our GoFundMe!  This will go toward placing our first order of magnets and bumper stickers.  Donations over $10 receive a magnet or bumper sticker!  

Click here for our GoFundMe Page.

Bring Molly to Speak at Your Next Event

Contact Molly Welch  at 

(770) 331-4834 or

Now Taking Pre-Orders!
We are launching our "Keep your Eyes on the Road" campaign by pre-selling 6" car magnets!  As soon as we reach the minimum number of magnets we will place the order and send you your magnet!
Choose which color eyes you want:
<-- First  Choose Eye Color  and  Click "Add To Cart"
First         --> Choose Eye Color  and  Click "Add To Cart"
Then         -->
Click the blue cart button
<-- Then
Click the blue cart button
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You can read more about the "Keep your Eyes on the Road initiative by reading our press release 


To discuss how you can get involved - Contact Molly Welch  at 

(770) 331-4834 or

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