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Thank you for joining us for our College Fair Series

Your Next Steps: 

  1. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on everything that is happening with the event! 

  2. Email your institution's Facebook Page link and instagram handle to

  3. Look for communication from StriveScan two weeks prior to the event.  They will get your institution set up with the StriveScan phone app.  Your school rep will the phone app to capture registered student information, when they visit your booth.

  4. Look for more information from North Atlanta Events, closer to the event.


General Information for day of event:

  • Set up time starts at 9:00 am, event starts at 11:00am.  Reps must arrive on or before 10:45 to set up.  You will not be allowed to set up after 10:45 am.

  • Tear down starts at 3:00 when the event ends. Reps may not take down displays until the event is over.

  • Tear down should be comlete by 4:00

  • Feather banners are allowed, please do not crowd your neighboring vendor with any displays.  Let us know via email if you have any additional type of standing display.


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