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Fall Crafts & Fun!

Here are some Fall Crafts to do with a small group of kids and are inexpensive. 

To do with 1 or 2 children, you can cut out the designs using construction paper.

Each of the packs of crafts incldue enough to complete with up to 12 children


These Owl Crafts 

are cute and kids can personalize a fall scene with some addt'l adhesive

Fall Shapes like these

For teaching, talk about

- colors

- parts of the owl including eyes and mouth

- fall shapes like leaves


These Wreath Crafts

are fun and can be personalized  by providing additional leaves:

Glitter Leaves  - Less Glitter Leaves

For teaching, talk about:




-stripes & polka dots


These Scarecrows

are darling, kids can personalize the clothes with some addt'l adhesive

Colorful shapes

For teaching, talk about

- arms, legs, head, eyes, mouth

- parts of the owl including eyes and mouth

Here is an alternate Scarecrow design


Here are 8" Pumpkins  they are foam and can be decorated any way the child wants.  Kids can use markers or  decorate using these stickers 

For teaching, talk about

- pumpkins and squash

- head, eyes, nose, mouth

- emotions (happy, sad, mad)


​Additional Crafts

  • Paint-your-own leaves - Wood leaves (3" - 3.5")  For teaching talk about colors, leaves and fall (season)

  • Pumpkin craft using thumbprint. For teaching talk about hand, fingers, thumb, pumpkins


Fall/Thanksgiving Placemats

perfect for holiday meals.

For teaching, talk about

- colors, leaves

- to weave

- thank you

- acorns

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