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Donation Drives at the Camp Expo 3/21 & 3/22

camp expo food drive.jpg


Saturday, March 20  (12noon - 5:00 pm)

Sunday, March 21  (12noon - 5:00 pm)

Earth Fare Building @ the Collection 

(410 Peachtree Pkwy, Cumming 30041)

Summer Camp & Spring Market Vendors

Music, Performances, Games, Giveaways

We are accepting donations for Teacher Reuse Exchange and Meals by Grace!

Teacher Reuse Exchange​

Please bring School Supplies to the Sawnee Woman's

Club Booth at the Expo.

For a list of needed items  See TRE website HERE!


Please DO NOT Bring:   carpets, furniture or large items

school supplies.jpg

Craft supplies

Recent Teacher Requests: 

  • popsicle sticks

  • wooden clothes pins

  • jewels & googly eyes

  • beads

  • poms

  • foam shapes

  • pipe cleaners

  • construction paper 

  • Musical toys for special needs

  • recorders

  • handbells 

  • castanets 

  • sound shapes

  • xylophone 

  • ocean drum

  • cabassa 

Needed School Supplies

  • Containers and baskets (same color) to collect books/items

  • Cute borders, desk name plates, and classroom decorations

  • Clip boards and individual white boards

  • Hand-held and electric pencil sharpeners, and children's safety scissors

  • Games and puzzles for recess and centers

  • Leveled books for classroom libraries, workbooks, and lesson plans

  • Pens and markers for teacher use, post-its and personalized notes

  • Age appropriate items for classroom treasure chests

  • Crayons (24 count), #2 pencils and mechanical, pens (black and blue), colored pencils, markers, highlightersSharpie permanent markers

  • Math manipulatives (ex. base ten and pattern blocks and counting, interlocking and stacking cubes), protractors, and rulers with centimeters

  • Erasers (large pink and white board), glue sticks and white bottled glue

  • Ear buds and headphones (new only)

  • Plastic supply boxes and pencil pouches, 3 ring binders (1.5 inch), tab dividers, and 3 prong plastic folders with pockets

  • Paper (ruled, copy, construction and graph)

  • Composition and spiral notebooks

  • Desktop organization items, tape and tape dispensers and staplers and staple removers

  • Calculators (basic 4 function, scientific and TI 30x Multiview)

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