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Festival of Trees for Town Center Tenants
On Display at Town Center at Cobb (Belk Wing)
November & December 2022

+ Media Sneak Peek to Festival of Trees 11/10 (4-6pm)
+ Spotlight on Nonprofits (tabling event) 11/11 (5-9pm)  during Santa's Arrival to Town Center at Cobb
You are Invited!
As a tenant of Town Center at Cobb, you can join in the festivities for Festival of Trees!  This event will showcase trees along the Belk Wing from the week of November 7 thru the week of December 26, 2022.
How your store can participate
  • Host a tree in your store (preferably in your front window)
  • Partner with a local nonprofit or with an existing national nonprofit that your store is connected with already
  • Decorate your tree with the nonprofit in mind and have information available for the public to pick up in order to support that nonprofit organization
  • Name your tree so we can promote it in our Festival of Trees Program and direct people to your store to see the tree. See Trees from Last Year's event with names and ideas
  • Attend the Media Sneak Peek on Thursday, November 10 (4-6pm) where media is invited plus participating nonprofits, their Board of Directors along with participant families.
  • Participate in the Spotlight on Nonprofits on Friday, November 11 (5-9pm) which coincides with Santa's Arrival at Town Center Mall.  Participating nonprofits will have a table set up next to their tree to provide information to the public on how people can support their cause.  You can do the same in your store by having a table set up next to your tree and invite a nonprofit representative to man the table to provide the public with information.
  • There is no charge for your participation.
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